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On the South

Driving to MississippiIn the rest of the country, particularly in the Northeastern United States and among some in the West, the South is not particularly respected. The people who live in the Southeastern U.S. are seen as uneducated, averse to progress, and racist.

I would venture to guess that the non-Southerners who hold to this view have, for the most part, not spent much time in the South. One only has to visit the Southern states to see that, while there are elements of the society that fit the stereotype (and there are Southerners who proudly wear some or all of the labels I described above), there’s more to the South than you think. I’ll make a few comments based on our most recent trip, which took us through Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia (briefly), Alabama, and Mississippi.

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Service Projects

Rollin’ to Miss’ippi

Well, we’re on our way! Tonight we drive four hours (approximately and weather permitting) from Silver Spring, Maryland to Blacksburg, Virginia, where we’ll stay with our friends Ryan & Elyn. Tomorrow (Saturday), we’ll drive 11 hours from Blacksburg down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We’ve received so much great encouragement from friends, family, and co-workers. We’re energized and ready to do some building!

Service Projects

Rebuilding the Gulf Coast!

On March 18, 2007, Dave and I will be traveling to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to join a team of Habitat volunteers in rebuilding the community there. Despite being about 75 miles inland, Hattiesburg was hit very hard by Hurricane Katrina. The city is currently strained by a large influx of temporary and permanent evacuees from nearby communities. We will spend a week building homes for families who lost everything in the disaster.

We’ll share photos and stories afterward here on our blog. In the meantime, check out the photos we took when we visited New Orleans, then drove out of New Orleans, then drove through Gulfport and Biloxi in August 2006.