Nashville hospitality

The Bat BuildingBusiness travel can have its perks. In a three month period, I’ve given trainings in 8 different cities. Being away from home that much is draining, but I’ve managed to take advantage of the opportunity to see some friends who I haven’t seen in a while.

When I realized that my trip to Nashville was a Monday-Tuesday trip during Dave’s winter break, I thought it would be a good getaway for us. I cashed in some United air miles and bought Dave a free ticket, and we flew to Nashville last Friday, January 19. Continue reading “Nashville hospitality”


Hearst Castle & Central Coast

California Central CoastFor Memorial Day weekend, we decided to do something a little more relaxing than the backpacking trips we’ve been taking lately. We hung out with my Aunt Leslie and her family in Atascadero, CA (not too far from a recent earthquake epicenter). We also took a day to see Hearst Castle and drive a bit along the Central Coast of California.

Hearst Castle is a fascinating place. Known as “La Cuesta Encantada” by the original owner, publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, it is now owned by the California State Park service. The tours are pretty expensive, but it’s worth it. We highly recommend a visit the next time you happen to be in Central California (where everyone ends up at some point in their lives *smile*).

Highway One really is as beautiful as everyone says it is. Check out the photos and enjoy not having to actually smell the elephant seals.