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Downhill is easier than uphill

Dave & Jenn at our campsite at Dingleberry LakeWe did not sleep well at all. The wind really went crazy, charging around the peaks like a locomotive and then down around our campsite. I never felt like the tent was actually going to take off, but it was definitely noisy. Plus, it was much colder than we had expected. At around 6 am we both got up because we couldn’t stand “holding it” any longer. We hurried back into the tent and into our sleeping bags to try to warm up again, wondering what we should do now that we were wide awake, but the sun wasn’t due to rise for another half hour at least. We fell asleep shortly after that, and didn’t wake up until after 8 am. That was probably the best sleep we got all night.

Around 8:30 am we roused ourselves and got dressed. I got out of the tent and walked over to the lake, to the nearest sunny spot. It was much warmer in the sun, though still chilly. We made some tea and had peanut butter on bagels for breakfast.
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