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Cleveland National Forest Day 1: All Alone

Dave and Jenn at the trailhead, San Mateo CanyonFriday, March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day here in California, which meant that I (as a quasi-County employee) got the day off. So we decided to take a three-day weekend to go backpacking, hoping that it would work out better than last time.

To play it safe, we planned our trip for nearby Cleveland National Forest, which is just barely north of San Diego County.
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Hiking / Backpacking Adventures

Resolved At Last!

Home at Last!I am very happy to post this last blog entry about the car troubles we’ve had for the last week and a half.

We drove to Needles last night in record time, arriving at the Motel 6 right at midnight. When we went to check in, there was a sign that said, “No Vacancies without Reservation”. We walked in and told the night manager that we had a reservation. He said, “Miller?” and we confirmed. I said, “Are we the last ones?” and he nodded grumpily. Bedtime for everyone!

In the morning we got up early and were at the Ford dealership by 8:30 am. Ray the sales manager was very nice, and was very apologetic about all the delays. The problem with the car had been the clutch as expected, and they replaced all the parts involved. They were also nice enough to wash the car. Ray gave us the keys, we paid the bill, and we headed back to Bullhead City to return the rental car. Everything went smoothly after that, and we made it home in about five and a half hours.

All told, a three-day weekend of backpacking that was supposed to be basically free instead was a 12-day adventure that cost us about $1500.

At least it’s all over now, and my original comments about the bright spots continue to hold true:

1. Neither of us got injured.
2. We didn’t have any interaction with law enforcement.

“Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” Job 2:10b