Photo highlights

Lake SabrinaAlthough we like this blog software, one of the annoying things is that this home page gets left blank when the blog entries “time out”. So, to give y’all easy access to some of our photos / stories:

Backpacking in Eastern Sierra: [Photos] [Blog Page 1] [Blog Page 2]

Hiking in Dinkey Creek: [Photos]

2005 Miramar Air Show: [Photos]

Mission Trails (San Diego): [Photos]


Settling In

La Jolla palm trees at sunsetSo things are starting to settle down here. We’re getting unpacked and getting acquainted with the surroundings. Since we have so much free time now that we’ve moved away from all our commitments in Boston, we decided to go to the beach last night after work. It was so great to just sit there in the sand and hang out. It’s like some of the places I used to go on vacation. The feeling is awesome when I suddenly realize that we’re not on vacation. We live here! I’m looking forward to just being here for a while and getting used to that. Check out the pictures that Dave took of the sun setting at the beach.