Cross Country Trip

Recap: Dave & Jenn’s 2009 Cross-Country Road Trip

Confessions: I write too much. Dave doesn’t get his photos up right away. Sorry that it makes us bad bloggers. =)

Someday the posts will be edited and all the photos will be posted. In the meantime…

Hopefully these direct links to the blog posts and photos for each day will make our trip a little more accessible, if you’re interested in getting glimpses of particular aspects of the trip.

Day 1: Mon 7/13 DC to Dayton OH [blog] [photos]
Day 2: Tues 7/14 Dayton OH to Champaign IL; Storage move-in [blog] [photos]
Day 3: Wed 7/15 Champaign IL to Omaha NE [blog] [photos]
Day 4: Thurs 7/16 Omaha NE to Black Hills SD [blog] [photos]
Day 5: Fri 7/17 South Dakota and Montana [blog] [photos]
Day 6: Sat 7/18 Drive to Glacier National Park [blog] [photos]
Day 7: Sun 7/19 Glacier National Park [blog] [photos]
Day 8: Mon 7/20 Montana to Idaho [blog] [photos]
Day 9: Tues 7/21 From Idaho through Washington [blog] [photos]
Day 10: Wed 7/22 Driving tour of Seattle area [blog] [photos]
Day 11: Thurs 7/23 Seattle Center [blog] [photos]
Day 12: Fri 7/24 More touring in Seattle [blog] [photos]
Day 13: Sat 7/25 Mount Rainier [blog] [photos]
Day 14: Sun 7/26 Washington to Oregon [blog] [photos]
Day 15: Mon 7/27 Oregon Coast and California Redwoods [blog] [photos]
Day 16: Tues 7/28 Northern California Coast [blog] [photos]
Day 17: Wed 7/29 South Bay (CA) [blog] [photos]
Day 18: Thurs 7/30 San Jose CA to Fresno CA [blog] [photos]
Day 19-21: Fri 7/31 – Sun 8/2 Hanging out in Fresno [blog]  
Day 22: Mon 8/3 Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park [blog] [photos]
Day 23: Tues 8/4 Last day in Fresno [blog]  
Day 24: Wed 8/5 California to Utah [blog] [photos]
Day 25: Thurs 8/6 Utah [blog] [photos]
Day 26: Fri 8/7 Expeditions from Moab, UT [blog] [photos]
Day 27: Sat 8/8 Utah to Colorado [blog] [photos]
Day 28: Sun 8/9 Rocky Mountain National Park and Denver [blog]  
Day 29: Mon 8/10 Denver to Kansas [blog] [photos]
Day 30: Tues 8/11 Home, via Missouri and Western Illinois [blog]