Cross Country Trip

We’re Home!

Some 5,500 miles later, we have finally arrived in San Diego!

We spent Saturday in Fresno, hanging out with family and friends. It was great to just chill and not have to think about getting food from somewhere or driving ourselves from Point A to Point B.

This morning, we got up early, had donuts for breakfast, bid farewell to my family, and then packed up the car for the last leg of our journey.

I’m happy to report that this afternoon in Southern California was a typical one. The freeways were congested and the weather was warm and sunny. We stopped for lunch at food court at the Westminster Mall in Orange County and it was packed with the kind of diverse population you only find in California.

We were exhausted by the time we got to our apartment complex in La Jolla, but we were excited to see our apartment! It looks great – we’re very happy with it. Once we get it organized, maybe we’ll post some pictures. Right now it’s just a big pile of boxes.

We bought a few groceries, got takeout from California Pizza Kitchen, then spent the rest of the evening reading the San Diego Union-Tribune. We’re too tired after three weeks of driving to do much work on the apartment tonight. The next couple of days will be more focused.

2 thoughts on “We’re Home!”

  1. Sorry you just missed me! I left San Diego last night, and returned home to my fluffy bed in Austin. That was poorly timed!

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