DC / Virginia Trip

Our Upcoming Tour

Harken back to last fall, when the air was crisp (actually in San Diego, warm and sunny and very dry) and baseball fans all over the country were abuzz. The big news was the American League Championship Series, a classic matchup between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

At some point early in the series, as we prepared to watch one of the games, Dave brought up a conversation he had earlier with our friend Ryan….

Our friends Ryan and Elyn, converts to Red Sox Nation when they moved to Boston in 2001, had recently moved to Blacksburg, VA. (Many of you are asking, “Why would anyone do that?” Ryan is getting a free PhD from Virginia Tech. Not a bad tradeoff.)

Ryan had suggested to Dave that they make a bet. If the Yankees win the ALCS, Elyn and Ryan would come visit us in San Diego. If the Red Sox win the ALCS, we go visit them in Blacksburg.

Keep in mind that when this conversation took place, the Curse of the Bambino was alive and well… the Sox were just one characteristic Bill Buckner-like play away from our winning the bet.

So of course I said, “Go ahead and make the bet – we can’t lose.”

Everyone knows how the series turned out, not to mention the World Series where the season-long favorites – the St. Louis Cardinals – disintegrated and somehow, the Curse was no longer.

So, our trip begins this Friday. Tour Dates include:

June 3-5: Washington DC (Dave’e 5-year Georgetown reunion)
June 5-9: Blacksburg VA
June 9-10: Durham, NC (to visit Jim & Suze and their cute little boys)
June 10-11: Washington DC area
June 11: Return to San Diego

Watch this space… hopefully we’ll soon put up photos of some balder Georgetown Class of 2000 alumni, Elyn & Ryan’s new house and dog Emma, Andrew & Daniel Bear, and who knows what else…

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