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Foiled Again… and Again…

Dave talked to the service manager at Colorado River Ford yesterday afternoon to find out if the car had yet been fixed or not, and the service manager wasn’t sure. The car was still on the lift, and he didn’t know whether it had been put back together, or if it hadn’t been taken apart yet.

Apparently the mechanic working on the car had to go home early, for family reasons. The mechanic’s notes were locked in his toolbox.

I don’t know why the service manager doesn’t have keys to the mechanic’s toolbox.

So we decided not to drive up on Monday night (which was a good call, because it was pouring down rain). We figured we would call in the morning, and if the car had been finished on Monday, we’d drive up today.

We waited until about 8:30 am to call (because they don’t open until 8:00 am), and Dave was on hold for about 20 minutes. Finally, the person who he talked to (who wasn’t the service manager) told him that the transmission had just been taken out. So, no trip to Needles today.

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