Cross Country Trip

Road Trip Day 2: Dayton to Champaign; Storage move-in

A brief review of today (some photos here):

day_02_002.jpgA quick but delightful breakfast with Ryan, Elyn, Molly, and Emma, then hit the road.

Ohio, I-70 West: corn and soy fields.

Cross border into Indiana: more of the same.

East of Indianapolis, a 15-mile speed trap where the speed limit was 60 mph. Was careful not to meet any law enforcement officers personally.


West of Indianapolis, I-74 West: Sigh of relief to be out of Indianapolis. Stopped at a Starbucks because really we were too sleepy to be driving safely. Ordered two tall cafe mochas. Sat and decompressed for a while… 10 minutes later realized we should have already received our coffees. Were given grande cafe mochas to make up for the fact that the barista forgot about us.

day_02_017.jpgBack on I-74: A few minutes later, the “Check engine” light came on. Got off at Crawfordsville and called Penske. They said not to worry about it. Proceeded to Champaign.

Arrived Champaign just after 12 noon. Checked out the storage space. Had lunch at Panera. Returned and officially signed up for the storage space.

day_02_016.jpgWe spent almost 4 hours unloading a 16 foot box truck into a 7 1/2 ft x 20 ft storage space. All of our stuff *just* fit. It felt great to be done!

Then we drove to drop off the Penske truck… got there and remembered we had to get gas… did that and then returned the truck without incident, just in time before the place closed.

Drove over to see what our house looks like (yes, we signed a lease without seeing the place). The previous tenants are still living there, so we didn’t go in. Ran a couple of errands.

Checked into the Econolodge; don’t recommend it. Took showers, and watched the All Star Game at a sports bar called Pia’s. Baseball + Obama… my head might explode.

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