Our Itinerary

We have set up this website so you can all track our progress as we make our way across the country, visiting various friends and places, the final goal being our new home in San Diego. We plan to post a travel blog and photos hopefully every couple of days as we travel, so come back often!

In the meantime, here is the planned itinerary for our trip:

8/16 Boston MA to Lake Placid NY
8/17 Lake Placid NY to Montreal QB
8/18 Montreal QB to Toronto ON
8/19 Toronto ON
8/20 Toronto ON to Cleveland OH
8/21 Cleveland OH
8/22 Cleveland OH to Saginaw MI
8/23 Saginaw MI to Traverse City MI
8/24 Traverse City MI to Chicago IL
8/25 Chicago IL to Minneapolis MN
8/26 Minneapolis MN to Fort Pierre National Grassland, SD
8/27 Fort Pierre National Grassland, SD to Badlands/Rushmore SD
8/28 Badlands/Rushmore SD to Hardin MT
8/29 Hardin MT to Yellowstone National Park WY
8/30 Yellowstone National Park WY
8/31 Yellowstone National Park WY to Grand Teton WY
9/1 Grand Teton WY to Salt Lake City UT
9/2 Salt Lake City UT to somewhere in NV
9/3 NV to Fresno CA via Lake Tahoe



  1. Suze · August 11, 2004

    Great idea — looking forward to checking in with you on your trip! 🙂

  2. Ali · August 11, 2004

    Kinda crazy how live our technology can be. Very fun! 🙂 Wear your seatbelts. LOL

  3. Damian · August 11, 2004

    Yay! Jenn and Dave are California bound! See you soon!

  4. Dave · August 12, 2004

    Woah, San Diego — Aye Caramba!! That looks like a nice trip — I never realized there was anything between the East & West Coasts :]

  5. Dave · August 12, 2004

    Moving to SanDiego!?! Aye CARAMBA! Cuidado de las chupacabras!

    Looks like a great trip — I had no idea there is so much in between the East and West Coasts :]

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