Cross Country Trip

A Chapter Ends

It was a long day for everybody, but the apartment got packed up, and the movers came and took our stuff away. They were very nice, which is great considering all the mover horror stories our friends have been kind enough to share with us over the past few weeks. But I guess I shouldn’t say anything yet, because the move isn’t over until our stuff is all safely in our apartment in La Jolla.

Before: Apartment in Watertown all boxed up
After: Empty, clean apartment in Watertown

But now we get to chill for a bit at Dave & Kara Miller’s house (famous for being on Trading Spaces last October… photos to come), play with the baby, watch some Olympics, and recover enough from packing and hauling boxes to actually get in the car on Monday and start heading west.

Sorry this is so pathetically short, but there isn’t much to talk about (all we did today is try to stay out of the way of the movers and then clean the apartment) and also it’s hard to be very eloquent on three hours of sleep.

For those who haven’t heard: Dave cut his hair off (yes it’s true!). Check out the photos.

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