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Milwaukee: Crisp fall morning along the lake

Downtown Milwaukee, fall morningWhile yesterday’s weather had been dreary and damp, the weather today was stereotypically celebrated autumn weather: sunny, with a crisp breeze, definitely jacket weather.

We left the Days Inn near the airport where we spent the night at a bargain rate, and headed directly for the shore of Lake Michigan. We drove north up the roads that skirt the lake, through the lakeside neighborhoods south of Milwaukee, which were quite charming. We stopped for a few moments at an overlook to take some photos and admire the sunny skyline and the sailboats on the water.

Milwaukee Art Museum - Quadracci PavilionThen we headed for Veteran’s Park, parking on the side of Lincoln Memorial Drive because the parking lots were closed due to a race that seemed to have long since finished. I had intended for us to check out the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center, designed by Eero Saarinen. Somehow, though, we missed it. Maybe we were distracted by the crazy boat-like architectural design of the Milwaukee Art Museum in its immediate vicinity.

Rainbow and Pig WindsocksInstead we ended up just walking around Veteran’s Park, which had a pleasant level of activity without seeming busy. People were walking, rollerblading, running – even one (grownup) guy playing with his remote control car and making it peel out. There were a few dozen sailboats out on the water, though the marina was more full than empty, due to the brisk temperature and the back-to-school fall attitude. Overall, it was pretty peaceful, though I could imagine how bustling it must be during the warmer months.

We browsed for a few minutes in the kite shop in the middle of the park, then finished walking around the pond that lined the road. It was just right for a Sunday morning stroll.

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