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Milwaukee: Hofbrau House Old German Beer Hall

For our lunch in Milwaukee before heading out, we had picked out the Hofbrau House Old German Beer Hall for some appropriate German pub food.

It’s safe to say that we didn’t get the full effect by being there at 1:45 pm on a Sunday afternoon. We had to eat at the bar because none of the tables had been cleared after the Sunday rush, and the only one running the place was the guy behind the bar. There were only a half dozen patrons left, and half of them cleared out while we were waiting for our food. So it was hardly the raucous place that Yelp had lead me to expect.

The beer special prompted Dave to order a liter of beer (it was half price, making it cheaper than a half-liter), while I ordered root beer, after a complicated conversation with the bartender in which I finally learned that the soda was neither Coke brand nor Pepsi brand. We had plenty of time for Dave to drink from his ridiculously large glass stein, while we watched NFL football on the TV directly above our heads. We ordered cheese curds and Weißgerber Bratwurst, both of which were quite tasty.

Before we hit the road, we swung by the Starbucks in the Hilton a few blocks away to get me some coffee for the four-hour drive ahead of us. Let’s just say that Dave wasn’t feeling much pain after downing a liter of beer in one hour. A good excuse for why we don’t have any photos of the place. *smile*

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