Cross Country Trip

Cross-Country Trip V, Day 2: Houchin Ferry Campground, Kentucky

A quick word about our campsite in Kentucky. We camped at the Houchin Ferry Campground, which is one of three campgrounds belonging to the NPS at Mammoth Cave National Park.

This campground is pleasantly small – only 12 sites, and all for tent / car camping (the sites are way too small for RVs). It’s right on the banks of the Green River, next to a little ferry that takes cars across the river during set hours of the day. There aren’t many amenities – just porta-potties and a water spigot – but it’s a nice spot, and it’s quiet.

The campsites are first-come, first-serve, and we were pleased to show up late morning on a Monday to find that we had our pick of the dozen. We selected one, set up our tent near the river, and paid the $12 for the site.

When we returned in the evening, a group of 10 or so people had taken over a few spots at the end of the campground, and there was another couple in addition to the group. Not too bad.

It was a very warm night. In the morning before dawn there was an amazing fog that made the whole place look surreal and beautiful. After the sun came up, it didn’t take long for things to really heat up. We were glad that we woke up and broke camp early.

I really recommend the Houchin Ferry Campground to anyone camping in this part of Kentucky, even aside from a visit to Mammoth Cave itself. There’s plenty of hiking and fishing in this area as well.

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