Cross Country Trip

Cross-Country Trip V, Day 3: Kentucky to Tennessee

Not much to share about today… we broke camp early in the morning after a quick breakfast, then drove south out of Kentucky, down I-65 into Tennessee.

Outside of Nashville we stopped in the suburbs to do some shopping (birthday gifts for our niece Madison) and have lunch. Suburbs are so similar almost anywhere you go in this country… Barnes & Noble, Children’s Place, Red Robin… it could have been in Maryland, Chicagoland, California, or anywhere else.

Then we hauled across Tennessee on I-40 from Nashville to Memphis, our planned destination.

Courtesy of my rewards, we’re staying at a rather swanky hotel in downtown Memphis called The Madison Hotel. Before dinner, we grabbed drinks at the bar and took them up to the rooftop patio, where we admired the sunset over the Mississippi River.

We had dinner at Central BBQ with a GU alum friend. It was pretty tasty, but we’ve been informed that Rendezvous is “infinity times better”, so we’ll have to try that tomorrow.

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