Cross Country Trip

Cross-Country Trip V, Day 14: Driving ~ On to Tahoe

Today was a very long driving day. We left Park City around 9 am (after making our requisite contribution to the local Starbucks) and just started heading west – destination Lake Tahoe.

We drove down the mountain into Salt Lake City, drove across the salt flats (on Interstate 70… no crazy off-road racing in our packed Ford Escape Hybrid), and made a quick gas stop on the border of Utah and Nevada.

No matter where you cross into Nevada, it is immediately obvious – suddenly casinos spring out of the desert, ready and waiting to take your money.

We hauled across Nevada, stopping only a couple of times – for lunch in Elko, plus a couple of gas or rest stops. The drive was mostly boring, until we got near Reno. At that point, the road follows the lovely Truckee River. Reno itself wasn’t fun to drive through, especially since the interstate was all under construction, but once out of the city, the river reappears and the road becomes more woodsy.

Welcome to CaliforniaThen we crossed over into California, were asked by the inspection guards if we had any produce or animals, and headed toward Lake Tahoe.

We stopped in Truckee for some beverages, then drove down the west side of the lake toward our campsite.

Our campsite at Eagle Point CampgroundMy sister Renae had been camping for a week with her boyfriend’s family at Eagle Point Campground in Emerald Bay State Park. Fortunately we were able to join them for their last night of camping.

The campground was lovely. They had a couple of beautiful campsites overlooking the lake that had spectacular views and were also remarkably spacious. For the first time in our trip, we had a campfire. It was so relaxing.

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