Cross Country Trip

Cross-Country Trip V, Day 15: Lake Tahoe

View of Lake Tahoe from the CampsiteWe started the day by wrapping up things at the campsite in Emerald Bay. We all took our time leaving, especially since there was a triathlon down the road scheduled to tie up the roads. Dave and I played board games with my sister and her boyfriend for a while before leaving the campground.

Check out Dave’s panoramic photo of Lake Tahoe, as seen from our campground.

The four of us went to lunch at a local sub shop in South Lake Tahoe called Yellow Submarine. It was very tasty. The subs were enormous. Dave ordered a 12″ sub that turned out to be at least 16″ long and a good 4″ in diameter. It was really too much for one person to eat at a sitting, so Dave had to donate it to Renae’s boyfriend to take home with him (as we didn’t have any way of storing it).

Then Dave and I ended up at a little city park in South Lake Tahoe called Regan Beach. We took out our camp chairs and sat on the grass near the lake and read for a while. It was nice just to chill and not feel like we had to do anything. It became annoying, though, when a family sat directly behind us and their three children felt comfortable learning to do knee kicks with their soccer balls two feet from us. (I am not exaggerating.)

It was becoming relatively late in the afternoon, so we checked into our motel. The motel had passes to nearby Lakeside Beach, along with coupons for kayak rentals. By this point in the afternoon, the wind was really picking up and the water was very choppy. We inquired into a kayak rental, but the guy wasn’t even renting out boats (not even 18′ motorboats). So instead we laid on the beach for a while. Since it was so windy, it never really got warm, so we weren’t really tempted to go swimming, even though this particular beach had a quite nice swimming area marked off.

We were very disappointed with our motel, the Best Tahoe West Inn. The shower didn’t have great pressure. More importantly, the WiFi never worked. We tried multiple times to connect, and talked to the front desk a couple of times about it, but we were never able to connect. (And it was apparent that we weren’t the only guests having the same problem.) They weren’t very helpful about it. I was pretty unhappy, because one of the main reasons I picked this place was the free internet.

My cousin happened to be in Lake Tahoe this weekend, so we met up with her for dinner. We drove up to Tahoe City and had dinner at a place called Evergreen. It turned out to be a very pleasant dining experience. It was hard to decide what to get, because the menu was full of yummy-sounding things. My cousin shared her melon gazpacho with us, which was creamy and cool. I had the pork loin, Dave had steak, and my cousin had salmon. They were all very tasty. We ate on the patio, which was comfortable due to the heat lamps, where we got some glimpses of the lake. We were glad we got there on the early side (around 6:30 pm) because the place had filled up by the time we left. Definitely a good choice!

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