Cross Country Trip

Cross-Country Trip V: The triumphant return to California

Here’s the summary of our 16-day road trip as we relocated from Champaign, IL to San Francisco, CA.

  • Day 1: Indianapolis, Indiana [blog]
  • Day 2: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
  • Day 3: Kentucky to Tennessee [blog]
  • Day 4: Memphis, Tennessee [photos]
    • National Civil Rights Museum [blog]
    • Gibson Guitar Factory [blog]
    • Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken [blog]
    • Graceland [blog] [photos]
    • Charles Vergos’’ Rendezvous [blog]
    • Beale Street [blog]
  • Day 5: Memphis TN to Dallas TX via Arkansas [blog]
  • Day 6: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas [photos]
    • Bureau of Engraving & Printing [blog]
    • JFK Assassination site [blog]
    • The Ballpark at Arlington [blog]
  • Day 7: Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [blog] [photos]
  • Day 8: Oklahoma City to New Mexico via Amarillo, Texas
  • Day 9: Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado [blog] [photos]
  • Day 10: Colorado
    • Scenic drives (Salida, Turquoise Lake, and Independence Pass) [blog] [photos]
    • Aspen [blog]
    • Glenwood Canyon Resort & Campground [blog]
  • Day 11: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
    • Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River [blog] [photos]
    • Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company [blog] [photos]
  • Day 12: Dinosaur National Monument, Utah
    • Scenic drive through Colorado [blog]
    • Dinosaur National Monument [blog] [photos]
  • Day 13: Park City, Utah
  • Day 14: Utah to Tahoe via Nevada [blog]
  • Day 15: Lake Tahoe [blog] [photos]
  • Day 16: Arrival in San Francisco! [blog]

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