Cross Country Trip

Cross-Country Trip V, Day 16: Arrival in San Francisco!

Monday, August 15: The date of our triumphant arrival at our new apartment in San Francisco!

We could have easily left Tahoe at 9 am and been home by lunchtime, but we had a bunch of errands to attend to, which were easier to do before getting to the city.

After checking out of the motel (where we boycotted the complimentary continental breakfast because I was grouchy about their lack of customer service regarding the bad internet connection), we headed to Starbucks and spent a couple of hours there. The most important thing to accomplish was to sign up for our apartment’s internet service. Dave got an appointment for Comcast to come on Thursday, which seemed like a pretty good turnaround.

Then we drove through the lovely Sierras, where US 50 follows the South Fork of the American River out of the hills and down into the San Joaquin Valley. It is always a little unfortunate to look down into the haze that is the Valley air, and realize that this is what you’ll be breathing once you descend into it. But we had little choice.

We stopped in Sacramento for lunch (In-N-Out!) and some errands. We had a bunch of household stuff to buy for our new apartment, and we ended up spending a lot more time at Fry’s, Best Buy, and Target than we expected. But we got what we needed, and finally headed west to our final destination.

It only took us about an hour and a half, even in East Bay rush hour traffic, to get to our apartment. We were very excited as we crossed the Bay Bridge and dodged the buses in the city to get to our new neighborhood.

We were happy to find that our 1.5 bedroom flat is more spacious than we expected! All of our stuff had already been moved in (thanks to my sister Renae’s willingness to open it up for the movers), so we jumped right in to making it liveable. It was a fun road trip, but it’s great to be home! Looking forward to the new adventures of living in San Francisco.

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